Eclectic Theatre
English Amateur Theatre in Dresden

Choice of plays

Decisions on plays and other artistic activities of the Association

You have a play that you think Eclectic Theatre should perform or you want to organize a workshop? Great! Here is what you should do:

Write an email or talk to the Committee or the Artistic Director, or, preferably, both. You are also welcome to mention your proposals at the monthly Association meetings.

The Committee will check if the project is feasible in terms of finances and organisation. The Artistic Director will check if the project fits into the artistic vision of the Association and whether it is feasible from the artistic point of view.

All suggestions will be presented to the Association members at the monthly meetings and discussed. The text of the plays should be made available at the meetings or, preferably, before the meetings. Reasons for or against a project should be presented.

The decision on a new project will be taken at a monthly meeting (following the meeting when the project was presented). The decision will be reached by consensus between the three sides: The members (if not unanimously, then with a 2/3 majority), the Artistic Director and the Committee. In general, think of it as an equal-sided triangle, where each side has equal power, equal right to veto a play or an activity and equal responsibility to inform the other sides and to help find a consensus.