Eclectic Theatre
English Amateur Theatre in Dresden


Eclectic Theatre was founded in January 2005 in Dresden with the aim of promoting English language culture and intercultural communication through the performing arts, with particular emphasis on public performances of plays. The project was initiated as a result of enthusiasm of both participants and audience after an ad hoc production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It in the Rosengarten in Dresden in June 2004, when it was decided to capitalize on its success.

We are a free and independent theatre group in every sense. Our members and supporters include people from all walks of life and from many different countries. Our choice of plays is not be limited in any way, except that they are performed in English. From Greek tragedy to the contemporary scene, we produce involving and engaging European theatre within a wide range of possibilities and styles.

Since April 2006, the Eclectic Theatre e.V. has been a member of the Landesverband AmateurTheater Sachsen e.V. (LATS), which is the umbrella organisation for amateur theatre groups in Saxony. Furthermore, Eclectic has cooperated with The Dresden Anglo-German Association since May 2010. As resident theatre group in Theaterhaus Rudi, we also participate in the events organized by them, such as the end-of-season Pausenspiele or the Amateur Theatre Festival DrAma, on a regular basis. Moreover, Eclectic Theatre successfully took part in the Open Stage of the Staatsschauspiel Dresden in February 2009.

Eclectic Theatre celebrated its fifth anniversary at Theaterhaus Rudi in June 2010, looking back on five years of successful work and a dozen of productions. On this occasion, Eclectic has also decided to adorn itself with a new logo, which has been created by the Danish artist Asmind Skemt Hjuler. In a simple, yet striking fashion, it peruses the E in Eclectic to represent the famous masks that commonly stand for the realm of theatrical work.

In 2011, the amateur theatre groups Spielbrett and Eclectic Theatre joined forces for their first co-production. Thus, the unique open air theatre event Elektra was staged in a stunning venu, the Parktheater Dresden at the Großer Garten. Both groups presented their versions of the all-time classic by Sophocles.

In April 2012, the Coventry Association for International Friendship invited Eclectic Theatre to Coventry for the club’s first guest performance. Eclectic Theatre performed Miss Julie at the Criterion Theatre for this occasion.

Sächsische Zeitung, 24/02/2014

Michael Halstead is the Artistic Director of the Eclectic Theatre, Dresden’s English-speaking amateur theatre club. After Little Red Riding Hood in 2008, it is Eclectic’s second play for children: Hans Christian Andersen’s winter tale The Snow Queen in an adaption by Halstead. In the past, also plays by Shakespeare, Chekhov, Moliere and Strindberg were presented, European theatre in English. The troupe is just as mixed as the repertoire. That is where the name comes from: eclectic. At least twice a week, a group of (ex-)students, physicians, PR managers and teachers meet, most of them German, but also people from France and Italy, among others, to share their enthusiasm for speaking and learning English and acting on stage.