Eclectic Theatre
English Amateur Theatre in Dresden


  • Michael Halstead (Artistic Director)
  • Berit Barz (Committee)
  • Falk Iser (Committee)
  • Christoph Kunckel (Committee)
  • Maria Aigner
  • Vicky Arnold
  • Sylvain Baudot
  • Theresa Bennert
  • Dana Bondartschuk
  • Stefanie Bossert
  • Annette Bundy
  • Mark Corner
  • Ulrike Dauderstädt
  • Judith del Mestre
  • Erik Engmann
  • Katrin Fischer
  • Nastasja Gärtner
  • Vinciane Grimard
  • Frank Harnisch
  • Christoph Herbig
  • Abigail Hogan
  • Barbara Hogan
  • William Hollister
  • Susann Iser
  • Franziska Just
  • Rüdiger Kettritz
  • Benedicta Knoblauch
  • Annegret Krahmer
  • Conrad Kloß
  • Talina Kloß
  • Robert Lewetzky
  • Ronald Lohse
  • Helenie Mende
  • Mita Mitra
  • Thomas Oelsner
  • Claudio Orlacchio
  • Laura Park
  • Silke Paulsen
  • Wibke Paulsen
  • Rüdiger Radtke
  • Claudia Schmeißer
  • Katja Schulze
  • Astrid Schuster
  • Constance Sillmann
  • Jean-Yves Tinevez
  • Ksenia Trischel
  • Robert Tyson
  • Christian Uhrich
  • Luise Walter
  • Laura Wichmann

Eclectic Theatre is international and multicultural. Its present members and supporters are students and professionals from Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, the UK, India, Canada, and the USA as well as Germany.

The artistic director, Michael Halstead, comes from the UK and has been involved in theatre as an actor, a director and a playwright (with three professional productions of his own work to his credit). His first play, on the life of the composer Anton Bruckner, was premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1982, where it was nominated for a Fringe First award. From 1991-1998 he lived in Prague, where he appeared in many productions, as well as directing and taking up the post of artistic director of Exposure Theatre Company from 1996-1998. This company used professional and amateur Czech and English native speaking actors for bilingual productions as well as productions in English, and was sponsored by the British Council, among others. He came to Dresden in 2000, and works as a freelance teacher of English and translator as well as writing and directing. Film credits include Mandragora, Caribbean and The Manor.

Our current monthly fee is 7 € for acting members and 6 € for non-acting members, i.e. those not actively involved in a current production. Supporting members pay a monthly fee of 10 € or more.