Eclectic Theatre
English Amateur Theatre in Dresden


§ 1 Name and Domicile

(1) The name of the association is Eclectic Theatre e.V.. It shall be registered within the Register of Associations; after registration its name will be Eclectic Theatre e. V.

(2) The association has its domicile in Dresden.

§ 2 Purpose

(1) The purpose of the association is to promote English-language culture and inter­cultural communi­cation through the performing arts.

(2) The association exclusively and directly pursues objects of public utility as defined by the Fiscal Code (Abgaben­ordnung) under section “Tax privileged objects”. The object shall be fulfilled especially by public performances of plays and improvisational theatre.

(3) The association acts in a selfless manner; it doesn’t primarily pursue own commercial objects.

(4) The funds of the association may only be used for objects being in accordance with the statutes. Members do not profit from association funds. No person may be favoured by expenses being alien to the purpose of the association or by compen­sations being unreasonably high.

(5) In case of dissolution or cancellation of the association or in case of abolition of its previous pur­pose, the means of the association will devolve on the municipality, which will be obliged to use the means directly and exclusively for objects of public utility.

§ 3 Entry of Members

Any person having applied for membership in written or oral form can become a member of the association. Persons under the age of 18 need a written confirmation by their legal representatives. The committee of the association will decide on admission.

§ 4 Withdrawal of Members

A member can resign from the association at any time through a written declaration to a member of the committee by letter or e-mail.

§ 5 Exclusion of Members

A member can be excluded from the association in the event of a serious violation of the interests of the association. The general meeting decides on the ex­clusion by a majority of three quarters of the votes cast.

§ 6 Membership Fee

The general meeting will fix the membership fee.

§ 7 Committee of the Association

(1) The committee of the association consists of the president, the vice-president and the treasurer. The committee of the association is elected by the general meeting for a period of one year; after expiry of its term it will continue in office until new elections take place.

(2) Each member of the committee of the association is authorized to represent the association solely.

§ 8 General Meetings

The regular general meeting takes place annually. Extraordinary general meetings take place in case of necessity for the interest of the association or after a fifth part of the members have demanded that the committee of the association call such a meeting: in the event of this, reasons must be presented.

§ 9 Calling of General Meetings

The president calls general meetings by simple letter or e-mail. In the event that the president is unable to do this, the vice-president calls the general meeting. The agenda, which shall be determined by the committee of the association, must be distributed with the letter or e-mail. The announcement must take place at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

§ 10 Course of General Meetings

(1) The general meeting is headed by the president. In the event that s/he is unable to do so, the vice-president will chair. In the event that neither the president nor vice-president is able to chair the meeting, the general meeting will elect a chairman.

(2) By resolution of the general meeting, the agenda which was determined by the committee of the association can be modified or amended. The general meeting decides on the acceptance of proposals for resolution by majority of valid votes cast; abstentions are classified as invalid votes. Decisions concerning the exclusion of members and amendments of the club rules have to be ratified by a majority of three quarters, decisions concerning the modification of the purpose of the association and the dissolution of the association must be decided by a majority of 90% of valid votes cast.

(3) In principle voting is taken by show of hands. The vote must be taken by secret ballot if one member present requests it. Proxies for all votes may be given to another member.

§ 11 Minutes Concerning Resolutions

Resolutions have to be recorded stating the place and time of the meeting and the vote; the record has to be signed by the recording clerk.

§12 Reimbursement and compensations for activities for the Association

(1) Principally, the offices of the Association are executed unsalaried.

(2) If required and agreeable with the budget of the Association, the offices can be executed in return for payment either on the basis of a contract of employment or as compensation according to § 3 nr. 26a EStG (lump sum for honorary offices). Members who work as interns or in a professional position for the Association can receive honoraria and/or their membership fees can be waived. The Committee decides about payments for the activities for the Association as well as the content and the termination of contracts.

(3) Each member can be reimbursed by the Association for their proven expenses which originated in the context of activities for the Association. At this, the statutory and fiscal provisions concerning the amount and purpose of travel costs are followed principally, and payments are limited to the current fiscal tax deductions and ceiling amounts.

(4) Reimbursements can be demanded by the end of the year of their origination unless there are other agreements for individual cases. The Committee decides about payments of reimbursements.

§ 13 Dissolution of the Association

(1) The decision about dissolution of the association only can be made within the general meeting by a majority of 90% of valid votes cast (sec. 10 § 2).

(2) The president and the vice-president will be jointly authorized liquidators unless the general meeting decides otherwise.

(3) Any monies existing after termination of liquidation will devolve on the municipality of Dresden. (sec. 2 § 4).

(4) The above-mentioned provisions shall be applied accordingly in case of the association being dissolved because of other reasons or being deprived of legal capacity.