Eclectic Theatre
English Amateur Theatre in Dresden

The Merchant of Venice

Eclectic Theatre presents Shakespeare’s most controversial play in the original language. The Merchant of Venice tells the story of the Jew Shylock’s revenge on the Venetian merchant Antonio. An international cast led by a British director performs the piece in the hope that it will raise questions without providing glib answers.


Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, 27/7/2007

“Michael Halstead’s production is startling, with strong performances from the actors, a practical and contemporary setting, as well as a tautness of structure despite only a few cuts… A deeply moving play.”

Freie Amateurtheater-Zeitung, 2/2007

“The tempo was fluid, the mise en scene appropriate, combined with an ingenious use of space and skilful positioning of the actors… The actors were confident and commanding.”

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Poster The Merchant of Venice