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Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood lives with her mother and her father on the edge of the deep, dark woods, where the big bad Wolf and the cunning Fox are plotting mischief. Little Red Riding Hood must get through the woods to visit her sick Grandmother. She sets off with her friend Bunny. But Wolf and Fox are close behind, following their tracks. Perhaps Bear can help the young girl…

Based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, Eclectic's 50-minute-version of Little Red Riding Hood is our first production for little and grown-up children.


Freie Amateurtheaterzeitung FATZ, issue 1/2008

“Ingo Hellmann staged Little Red Riding Hood in a refreshing manner. […] The great stage design and the beautiful costumes and make-ups delighted both small and grown-up children. […] Nikola Allinger accompanied the play with improvised piano music of a high artistic standard. […] The production is obviously the result of intensive rehearsing; the sophisticated performance was full of humour and delighted not only children. By all means, it is highly recommendable.”

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Poster Little Red Riding Hood