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Molière’s The Reluctant Doctor

A drunken peasant is mistaken for a brilliant doctor, and exploits the situation to the full, molesting women and making a tidy profit into the bargain. Until he is found out, that is…

Follow the exploits of Sganarelle (the “doctor”) as he cuts his way through high society, performing “examinations” and prescribing his own special medicine. Written and first performed nearly 350 years ago, The Reluctant Doctor is a classic farce by the great French comic dramatist Molière which neatly demonstrates that humour hasn’t changed that much over the intervening centuries.

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Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, 13/02/2012

“They [the actors of Eclectic Theatre] perform a typically French comedy with this kind of slyness which used to be a feature mainly of British humour. And they do so with such agility and vigour, such engagement and such brilliance that the spectator cannot but wonder if this Jean Baptiste Molière might have been an admirer of British humour himself. The première of this sixty-minute performance took place at Theaterhaus Rudi, which was completely sold out. […] Producing a play by Molière was also meant to pay tribute to one of the most important European comedy playwrights. Eclectic Theatre has accomplished this aim with the best result possible.”

DRESDNER Kulturmagazin, 03/2012

“The audience at the première was absolutely thrilled.”

Poster The Reluctant Doctor

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  • Last Performances
    • Thursday, Nov 21 2013 (8 pm)
    • Friday, Nov 22 2013 (8 pm)
    • Saturday, Nov 23 2013 (7 pm)
  • All shows at Theaterhaus Rudi, Fechnerstraße 2a in 01139 Dresden
  • Tickets via phone (+49 351 849 19 25) or via e-mail (
  • Price: 8€ (5€ reduced)