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Twelfth Night

Eclectic Theatre celebrates its fifth anniversary with one of Shakespeare’s finest and most popular comedies. Twelfth Night or What You Will, a play concerned with mistaken identity and gender, is both funny and moving. Beneath its glittering surface, however, there are undercurrents of unease. In England, "Twelfth Night" (the evening of January 5th) is when the Christmas decorations have to come down and the celebrations have to end. Written at the height of his powers just before the great series of tragedies, in this last of the "golden comedies" Shakespeare portrays a relatively carefree and sunlit world for the last time.


Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, 17/06/2010

“Eclectic Theatre’s most recent production shows that Shakespeare can be performed today a little faster, funnier and, above all, more hectic than usual. […] With such remarkable intensity the young actors manage to break up the borderline between reality and fiction. Furthermore they portray their characters with such unbelievable joy and overwhelming passion that one is tempted to think they live their parts beyond the stage. […] With his own exuberant enthusiasm for Shakespearean drama, Michael Halstead has directed his troupe not only in a great ensemble performance, but also in outstanding portrayals of the individual characters. […] The quality of the production shows even in the smallest supporting roles. […] Recommended not only to fans of theatre in English […] but also to anyone interested in Shakespeare.”

Poster Twelfth Night

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