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Uncle Vanya

Imagine being stuck in a house deep in the country with people you either don’t like or detest. Communication with the outside world is minimal: no TV, no PC, no telephone, and even the roads are mostly impassable. The countryside itself is despoiled: the wildlife is dying out and the forests are dwindling. This is provincial Russia at the end of the nineteenth century.

Subtitled “Scenes from Country Life”, Uncle Vanya portrays the hope, frustration and despair of people forced to live together out of economic necessity. Chekhov’s tragicomic dissection of a doomed and superfluous landed gentry is tinged with sympathy as well as irony.


Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, 27/10/2009

“Rehearsing and performing this four-act play [Uncle Vanya] in English adds additional spice to the project: Russian soul meets British temperament. Eclectic Theatre, an English-speaking theatre group in Dresden, has dared to face this challenge. […] The acting skills of the troupe proved to be as good as professional in bringing the text to life. […] In the past years, Eclectic Theatre has gone from strength to strength in the quality of their productions. Moreover, their regularly well-attended performances show that there is a demand for English theatre in Dresden. […] A first-class evening in the theatre.”

Elbnymphes Endnoten (Blog), Entry from 23/10/2009

“[R]eally, they did a marvellous job.”

Poster Uncla Vanya

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